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Secretary-General welcomes release of Cameroon detainees

6 October 2019

The Commonwealth Secretary-General has welcomed the release of Maurice Kamto, leader of the Mouvement pour la Rennaissance du Cameroun (MRC), and 102 members of the party on 4 October 2019. This announcement followed the conclusion of a five-day National Dialogue in Cameroon aimed at addressing the conflict in the North-west and South-west regions of the country and its impact.

On 3 October, President Paul Biya also ordered the release of 330 detainees who had been arrested in connection with the ongoing conflict.

Secretary-General Patricia Scotland said: “The release of Mr Kamto, several of his supporters, as well as 330 persons who had been detained in connection with the ongoing political crisis, is an important goodwill and confidence building measure towards building trust among all stakeholders in addressing the conflict in the North-West and South-West regions. I urge all parties to work earnestly together to achieve lasting peace.

“I hope that the outcomes of the recently concluded five-day National Dialogue will be meaningfully implemented in a manner that addresses the fundamental causes of the conflict and its devastating impact so far. The Commonwealth stands ready to provide any support that may be required.”