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Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland

Lawyers fund new classroom building in Zambia

15 April 2019

Teachers and pupils at a school in Zambia have been celebrating the opening of a new classroom thanks to donations from law conference delegates.

Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland officially opened the new facility at the Linda Community School in the small village of Livingstone.

Pupils put on a welcoming dance for the thousands of local people, civil society representatives and delegates attending the Commonwealth Law Conference (CLC).

The classroom has been jointly funded by donations from conference delegates and the Zambezi Sunrise Trust – a charity dedicated to improving education in Zambia and relieving poverty and sickness.

Teachers say the new building will help transform the new school for its 470 pupils - many of whom are vulnerable and come from poor families.

Headteacher Cathy Chilambe said: “One of the most beautiful things about our school is that there’s no limitations to any child.

“It is a primary school but we don’t care about age, all we want is for the children to have an education.

“We cater for orphans, vulnerable children and HIV children. As you can see they are all wearing different types of uniforms, donated from all parts of the world.

“The class has really made a difference in the life of these children, it has made them even more interested in education and this is the most beautiful class they’ve ever been in.”

The Secretary-General told the gathering: “It's particularly fulfilling to open a new place of learning. These new classrooms will give children the right environment to achieve their full potential.

“I'm very happy to be here and know how many lives and prospects these precious buildings will improve."

Nine-year-old Niness was recently recognised by the school as the most punctual pupil - she’s never missed a day of class.

Speaking after the opening of the classroom, Niness, whose favourite subject is maths, said: “I love my new classroom and I can’t wait to grow up and be an accountant.”

The Commonwealth Lawyers Association has confirmed the Bahamas will host the next CLC.