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Deputy Secretary-General reviews Commonwealth technical projects in St Lucia

24 March 2014

Commonwealth Deputy Secretary-General Deodat Maharaj this week pledged ongoing commitment to continue deepening and improving the delivery of technical assistance to St Lucia.

Mr Maharaj met senior government officials and Commonwealth experts in St Lucia before attending the Commonwealth Third Global Biennial Conference on Small States in the country from 26 to 27 March 2014.

On 24 March at the Ministry of Planning and National Development, Mr Maharaj was briefed about the progress made on St Lucia's sustainable development strategy through technical assistance to support an integrated approach to national planning.

The Permanent Secretary for Planning and National Development, Tracy Polius, thanked the Commonwealth for its support, and said that the assistance provided by the Commonwealth’s expert, JL Narayan, had been critical in St Lucia's development process.

Mr Maharaj also met Commonwealth expert Kelly Culver who is working with the government to improve planning and the management of the country’s resources in the health sector.

The Deputy Secretary-General met Bentley A Browne, the Acting Director General of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, where the Commonwealth maintains two trade policy experts under its Hub and Spokes project.

The two experts, Allan Paul and Peter Joy Sewornoo, provide technical expertise to member states in the region in developing and formulating sound trade policies, as well as supporting them to effectively participate in the international trading system.