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Commonwealth team to observe Namibia elections

19 November 2019

The Commonwealth will deploy a team to observe elections in Namibia, scheduled for 27 November 2019.

Musa Mwenye, former Attorney General of Zambia, is leading the Group, which will observe the Presidential and National Assembly Elections.

Secretary-General Patricia Scotland said: “These elections are important for Namibia’s democratic processes and institutions. The deployment of the Commonwealth Observer Group is a demonstration of the Commonwealth’s commitment to supporting electoral democracy. The Group will observe the process and formulate tailored recommendations to further strengthen Namibia’s democratic credentials.”

The Commonwealth Observer Group will be in Namibia from 22 November to 3 December to consider the pre-election environment, election preparations, the vote on election day itself and the immediate post-election environment, including the results process.

As with all Commonwealth observer groups, the team will operate with impartiality and independence, and conduct itself according to the standards set out in the International Declaration of Principles for Election Observation, to which the Commonwealth is a signatory.

The Secretary-General added: “The responsibility for credible and peaceful elections is a collective one that falls on all stakeholders concerned, including the election management body, political parties, civil society, community leaders, security agencies, media outlets and voters. Each stakeholder has a constitutional duty and responsibility to ensure that the process is credible and peaceful.”

Observer Group members:

  • AG Musa Mwenye, Former Attorney General and former Solicitor General, Zambia
  • Mr Basil Waite, Former Senator and current Deputy Secretary-General of People’s National Party, Jamaica
  • Mr Henry Hogger, Retired Diplomat, United Kingdom
  • Ms Daisy Amdany, Executive Director of Community Advocacy and Awareness Trust, Kenya

The observer group is supported by a Commonwealth staff team led by Ms Segametsi Mothibatsela, Legal Adviser in the Governance and Peace Directorate. Other staff team members are Mr Koffi Sawyer, Political Officer (Africa) and Ms Musu Kaikai, Project Assistant.