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Commonwealth official responds to Cameroonian protesters

20 January 2017

A group of Cameroonian citizens chanted, sang and carried signs outside the gates of the Commonwealth’s headquarters in London today.  They were protesting alleged human rights abuses against the country’s Anglophone community.

The same group had earlier presented a petition to the Commonwealth, demanding that the Secretariat launch an inquiry into the alleged violations.  The protesters wanted to know if the Commonwealth had any response.

A senior official of the Commonwealth met with representatives of the group.  He said that the Commonwealth took allegations of human rights abuses very seriously and that the Secretary-General had personally and carefully reviewed the petitions and letters that had been sent to her from the Cameroonians. The official also said that the Secretariat would, as usual, discuss the allegations with Cameroonian authorities in order to have a full understanding of the facts and the situation on the ground in the country. Meanwhile, he encouraged the protestors to continue to pursue their grievances and concerns through peaceful means.