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Commonwealth keen to support The Gambia

9 November 2018

A team of Commonwealth experts are in The Gambia to explore how the Commonwealth can support the country’s democratic and economic development, following its readmission as a member in February 2018.

At their meeting in April 2018, Commonwealth Heads of Government welcomed The Gambia back into the Commonwealth and agreed to work towards a programme of support to reintegrate the country into the family.

Legal adviser Shadrach Haruna, political officer Lindiwe Maleleka, trade adviser Yinka Bandele, and adviser on public sector governance Dunstan Maina spent 3 to 9 November in Banjul, meeting with a range of stakeholders from public and private sectors, as well as civil society.

Discussions focused on areas where the Commonwealth can add value, such as designing national policies, and building capacity in the country to tackle its most pressing needs. Key areas proposed for intervention include supporting governance and democratisation reforms; promoting justice and the rule of law, as well as driving trade and investment.

There is widespread international good will towards the The Gambia, which saw a total of €1.45 billion in pledges from donors in May 2018 to support the implementation of its National Development Plan for 2018 to 2021.