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People gathered in a room to discuss cybersecurity

Commonwealth helps fight against cybercrime in the Caribbean

4 February 2020

The Commonwealth has held a 4-day training session in Barbados to teach Caribbean police and legal experts how to use electronic evidence in cybercrime cases.

Attendees included teachers from Caribbean law schools, police, public prosecutors and lawyers. They will now head back to their classrooms, agencies and courtrooms to pass their new knowledge on to others.

Matthew Moorhead, acting head of the Commonwealth Office of Civil and Criminal Justice Reform (OCCJR), said: “We are proud to be leading this important programme of work. Cybercrime is an increasing menace in the digital age, causing financial damage running into billions of dollars and having many other serious consequences.”

Michael Jameison, one of the Commonwealth consultants delivering the training, said: “The training is a means of building and strengthening capacity, to enable the participants to train their colleagues in their respective countries, leaving a lasting legacy and preparing them for the challenges of the 21st century.”

The workshop was a collaboration between the Commonwealth and the Caribbean Community Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (CARICOM IMPACS).

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office funded the workshop as part of the implementation of the Caribbean Regional Cybersecurity/Crime Action Plan.

The Commonwealth’s ‘Good Practice Guide for Digital Evidence’ guide will be available on this website soon.