Join us for a career where your impact spans 56 countries and 2.5 billion lives.

The Commonwealth Secretariat isn't just a workplace - it's a gateway to a world of opportunity. We are a unique international organisation, a vibrant community representing 56 member countries and over 2.5 billion people.

Here's why the Commonwealth Secretariat is unlike anywhere else you'll work:

  • Unmatched global impact: Contribute to sustainable development, democracy, and peacebuilding initiatives that affect a vast and diverse population.
  • A world of perspectives: Collaborate with colleagues from across the globe, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and approaches.
  • Challenge and growth: Be at the forefront of international cooperation, tackling complex global issues with innovative solutions.
  • An inclusive workplace: We champion diversity and inclusion, fostering a work environment where everyone feels valued and empowered.

Join us and make your mark on a global scale.

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