The restrictions introduced to curb the spread of the pandemic has resulted in a shutdown of community sport and physical activity. This loss has magnified to many undervalued and positive impacts of community sport and physical activity on health and wellbeing.

Existing challenges

COVID-19 has laid bare existing challenges which hampered the sector’s response to the pandemic. These include limited:

  • investment
  • vulnerable business models
  • inconsistency in policy development

The pandemic has also highlighted the importance of creating effective and robust policies to support the sector, and of modifying delivery to suit the current challenges.

Commonwealth Moves collaboration

In response, the Commonwealth has worked with a cross-section of partners to develop a package of resources which were cleverly designed to respond to the current COVID-19 reality and create a sector and populations which are resilient enough to deal with future pandemics.

The package aims to provide ideas to support countries in creating and modifying policies and modes of delivery in sport and physical activity programmes, that comply with guidance on social distancing, hygiene and safety protocols.

Each of our collaborating organisations has developed on-line, COVID-19-adapted resources, backed by robust analysis and research.

Research and policy recommendations

The work of these partners has informed a wider research initiative investigating how delivery models and policies can be modified across the Commonwealth to facilitate the ‘new normal’ post-COVID.

The Commonwealth Secretariat presents the resources above for informational purposes only and access to this information is subject to our Terms and Conditions. You are, at all times, responsible for adhering to World Health Organisation (WHO) and Government advice regarding COVID-19.