Hurricane Beryl, which hit islands in the Caribbean as a Category 4 storm, often intensifying to Category 5 strength, has had a devastating impact. In response, the Commonwealth Secretariat has activated its Rapid Response framework to support the affected member states in the Caribbean.

The hurricane has caused extensive property damage and severe disruption to lives and livelihoods of people in the Commonwealth countries of Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Coordination and relief efforts

Led by the Commonwealth Secretary-General, the Rt Hon Patricia Scotland KC, the Secretariat is coordinating with the affected member countries, regional organisations and humanitarian partners to ensure a comprehensive and efficient response.

The scale of this disaster demands a robust and collaborative effort from all Commonwealth member states and our team is working around the clock to support these efforts.

Your timely support will not only provide immediate relief but also demonstrate our shared values and collective commitment to helping those in distress.

Relief work in Grenada

How you can help

Donations and support

Some of our members states have requested support to help them to recover, and we will add to these if other request assistance. Financial contributions, that go directly to the affected governments can be made to the following accounts:

Grenada Disaster Relief Fund

  • Account Name: Grenada Relief Fund
  • Bank Name: Lloyds
  • Account Number: 00584503
  • Sort Code: 30-92-83
  • Correspondent Bank Name: Lloyds
  • Correspondent Bank Address: 417 North End Road, London, SW6 1NS
  • Correspondent Bank SWIFT/BIC Code: LOYDGB21303

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Disaster Relief Fund

  • Bank: Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Account Name: Government of St Vincent and Grenadines Disaster Relief Fund
  • Account Number: 137741
  • Swift Code: NCBVVC22
  • Correspondent Bank Name: Crown Agents Bank Limited
  • Correspondent Bank Address: London, United Kingdom
  • Correspondent Bank SWIFT/BIC Code: CRASGB2L


  • Beneficiary Name: Office of Disaster Preparedness
  • Beneficiary Address: 1-2 Haining Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica
  • Account Number: 212387304
  • Reference: Hurricane Donation
  • Correspondent Bank Name: Barclays PLC
  • Correspondent Bank Address: 1 Churchill Place E14 5HP
  • Correspondent Bank SWIFT/BIC Code: BARCGB22

Addressing climate change

This tragedy highlights the existential threat climate change poses to small island developing states. Hurricane Beryl's aftermath stresses the need at the upcoming COP29 to move from rhetoric to concrete and ambitious actions on adaptation, mitigation, and new climate finance that is fit for our vulnerable states.

Together, we can help the affected islands recover from this tragedy and rebuild stronger and more resilient communities.