Technology is becoming increasingly central to every aspect of human existence. Emerging technologies like AI are driving rapid digital transformation with an enormous impact on the global economy and jobs.

The next generation of innovators needs the right skills and resources to understand what AI is, how it is designed, and why it is important in today’s digital world.

Empowering youth with AI skills

The Commonwealth Secretariat and Intel Corporation have collaboratively curated the Introduction to AI for Youth module. This will soon be available on the Commonwealth Secretariat eLearning Platform.

For young ambassadors, the module is the first step into the Intel® AI for Youth program. Through a unique 4-stage learning journey, the program enables youth with tech skills, such as - statistical data, computer vision, and natural language processing, as well as social skills, such as problem-solving, AI ethics, and security.

Commonwealth ministers gather to advance initiatives to deliver more for young people