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The Tripartite Free Trade Area Negotiations: Lessons Learned

23 October 2017

Racheal Kemigisha is a trade adviser working with the Hub and Spokes programme based in Zambia at the Common Market for Eastern Africa, East African Community (COMESA). Rachael outlines the lessons learnt from negotiations, taking a look at the Tripartite Free Trade Area Agreement.

Advisory Body sets out steps to quantify the role of sport in advancing sustainable development

20 October 2017

Improving government data collection and protecting human rights will help maximise the role that sport can play in sustainable development.

Legalities of seabed mining explored by new working group

19 October 2017

An expert group of international lawyers specialising in oceans law met at Marlborough House to discuss key legal issues relating to seabed mining in international waters, a frontier industry attracting interest as a result of the increase in global demand for metals.

Law ministers explore legislation to fight terrorism

19 October 2017

Commonwealth law ministers and attorneys-general turned their attention to the fight against terrorism as they neared the end of their summit in The Bahamas.

Online legal resource unveiled at Commonwealth Law Ministers Meeting

17 October 2017

A comprehensive legal resource that will help countries strengthen existing laws and create new legislations was unveiled at a major ministerial conference today.

National Workshop on Trade in Services: Kingston, Jamaica

17 October 2017

Forty-four (44) government officials and private sector representatives, including 30 women and 14 men participated in a Trade in Services Workshop held from 26 – 27 September 2017, in Kingston, Jamaica.

Commonwealth finance ministers urged to change rules to make it easier to access funds

16 October 2017

In a powerful intervention at the Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting (CFMM) in Washington DC, the prime minister of Saint Lucia called for the rules to be changed so countries affected by natural disasters could access funds more quickly.

Enhancing stakeholder capacity in Kiribati

16 October 2017

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Cooperatives (MCIC) in collaboration with the Kiribati Customs Administration and Enforcement Office organised a three-day training on ROO in Free Trade Agreements (FTA).

‘Fantastic’ Commonwealth initiatives commended for promoting rule of law

16 October 2017

The Commonwealth Secretariat has been praised for strong initiatives to promote and protect justice as attorneys-general, law ministers and senior law officials began their summit in The Bahamas today.

Commonwealth and African Development Bank to explore 'real and tangible' partnership

13 October 2017

The Commonwealth Secretariat and the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) have pledged to work closer together to help billions of people.