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  • amplify the voice of small states

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Nelson Mandela’s life lauded by former Secretaries-General

The life of former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela has been praised in the latest edition of an academic journal. Writing in ‘The Round Table’, the Commonwealth Journal for International Affairs, guest editor Stuart Mole honoured his life and lauded his work across the Commonwealth.

Blog: An education approach to preventing and countering violent extremism

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Turning the tide on ocean health in the Commonwealth

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20th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers – 20CCEM

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Commonwealth Legislative Drafting Manual

The manual is aimed at informing those practitioners with little or no previous experience in the skill, and assisting those with some experience who had never considered why drafting needed to be undertaken in a particular way.

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Emerging Trade Issues for Small Developing Countries: Scrutinising the Horizon

In a changing international landscape, small developing countries need special support to effectively participate in the ongoing discussions on emerging issues in the various international bodies, including the WTO.

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Commonwealth Games Federation selects Birmingham as Host City Partner of the 2022 Commonwealth Games

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