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Digital entrepreneur welcomes new e-commerce strategy for Cameroon

5 June 2018

He's fortunate to be growing an online business during a digital revolution, but for the General Manager of a leading classified ads platform in Cameroon things could be easier.

CHMM lookback: Experts discuss key health priorities for Commonwealth

4 June 2018

This year’s Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting (CHMM) provided a key platform for decision-makers to discuss priorities for citizens of the 53 member countries.

Cameroon to boost e-commerce with new Commonwealth strategy

1 June 2018

Businesses in Cameroon are poised to take advantage of new proposals to boost their digital economy.

Upholding the fight against corruption in the Caribbean

1 June 2018

Each year, between US $1.5 to $2 trillion is lost from the global economy in bribes, not counting forgone tax revenues and economic growth. Africa alone is drained of US $50 billion annually due to illicit financial flows, of which corruption is a major component.

Gender equality by 2030, Secretary-General tells top women

31 May 2018

A gathering of senior women commentators, columnists and activists heard about the Commonwealth’s practical action towards achieving gender equality across its 53 member states by 2030.

Secretary-General commits to the Caribbean

30 May 2018

Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland has reaffirmed her commitment to collaborating with leaders in the Caribbean following a visit to the region.

Breakthrough agreement in sight for trade in services

30 May 2018

Five Commonwealth countries in Africa and the Indian Ocean are putting final touches on an agreement that will make it easier for professionals to move and work across their borders.

Golden mace “a symbol of The Queen’s legacy”, says Secretary-General

29 May 2018

Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland paid homage to Her Majesty The Queen’s “legacy of peace” yesterday in a special edition of the popular British television programme, Antiques Roadshow.

New petroleum producers urged to heed ‘local context’ in policymaking

24 May 2018

Emerging petroleum producing countries have been urged to carefully consider country context when forming local content policies – or risk long-term drawbacks to the development of the sector.

Innovation at heart of Commonwealth

23 May 2018

Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland has shared her vision for the Commonwealth, which is anchored on innovation, leadership and inclusiveness, with emerging leaders.