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Secretary-General calls for action to unlock overseas development finance

22 November 2018

The small states of the Commonwealth could be losing out on $4.5 billion of overseas development assistance, a preliminary Commonwealth Secretariat study has shown.

New partnership to improve leadership skills of educators

21 November 2018

The Commonwealth and the Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management (CCEAM) have signed a new agreement to improve the leadership and management skills of educators and school leaders in member countries.

Youth work: crucial for empowering young people

20 November 2018

It was a true expression of the rich diversity and colour of the Commonwealth when youth workers from 27 countries met in Malta to mark Youth Work Week 2018.

New partnership to explore ocean depths

19 November 2018

A new partnership between the Commonwealth and Nekton will support scientific exploration of the Indian Ocean in Commonwealth countries of the region, for enhanced ocean governance.

African countries focus on global trade prospects, challenges

16 November 2018

Trade officials and experts from Commonwealth African countries gathered in the Seychelles this week to discuss regional and global trade issues affecting their growth and development.

Cricket bodies team up with the Commonwealth to advance development goals

14 November 2018

Cricket has the potential to unite communities and help countries towards their development goals, Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland has said.

Commonwealth countries rally behind ocean action

14 November 2018

Momentum continues to build for the Commonwealth’s flagship initiative on ocean issues – the Commonwealth Blue Charter - as countries step up collective efforts to save the seas. 

Commonwealth keen to support The Gambia

9 November 2018

A team of Commonwealth experts are in The Gambia to explore how the Commonwealth can support the country’s democratic and economic development, following its readmission as a member in February 2018.