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Ghanaian elections conduct must be ‘beyond reproach’ says Commonwealth

Release date 24 November 2016

The Commonwealth has urged political party leaders in Ghana to adhere to the country’s long tradition of delivering peaceful and credible elections, ahead of the presidential and parliamentary polls due on 7 December.

Resource-strapped countries need climate finance support

Release date 16 November 2016

The Secretary-General will speak at the high level segment of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change conference, COP22, on 17 November.

Small states struggling to tackle illegal trade of arms

Release date 10 November 2016

Small Commonwealth states have asked the Secretariat to help them tackle the illegal arms trade and implement the Arms Trade Treaty in a more effective way.

Social enterprise founder is named Commonwealth Youth Worker of the Year 2016

Release date 10 November 2016

Robin Lockhart, the founder of a social enterprise which supports at-risk teenagers and young adults through music and sport, has been named Commonwealth Youth Worker of the Year.

UK-India bilateral trade deal to boost UK’s exports by 2.6 billion

Release date 9 November 2016

A free trade agreement between the UK and India would increase trade between the countries by 25 per cent, new research undertaken by the Commonwealth shows.

8th Commonwealth Youth Parliament opens in British Columbia, Canada

Release date 9 November 2016

The 8th Commonwealth Youth Parliament has opened in British Columbia, Canada, hosted by the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia.

The Commonwealth helps Sri Lanka diversify exports

Release date 27 October 2016

Sri Lanka has been experiencing a declining trend in exports for the last three years. What’s more, the country’s export basket continues to concentrate on a limited number of products and to limited markets.

"The decision to stop destroying what is keeping us alive is firmly in our hands"

Release date 27 October 2016

Commonwealth’s Regenerative Development to Reverse Climate Change Workshop: Participants will explore cutting-edge technologies and innovations that can reduce carbon and roll back the effects of climate change, while supporting economic development.

Young writers from Zambia and Singapore receive prizes at Buckingham Palace Award Ceremony

Release date 26 October 2016

On Wednesday 26 October the Winners and Runners-up of The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2016 attended an Award Ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

National aid for trade strategy launched in Botswana

Release date 25 October 2016

Botswana has launched a new scheme to boost its economy. The new ‘Aid for Trade’ strategy outlines ways to diversify exports and drive the nation’s economic growth.