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Senior level training programme shows Commonwealth to be a ‘caring and trusted partner’

28 November 2017

A five-day high level training programme aimed at improving the management of Grenada’s Integrity Commission and other public-sector organisations has just been delivered by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

The Integrity Commission had requested the Commonwealth Secretariat delivered a senior level training programme for them and other law enforcement agencies in Grenada. Forty participants attended including senior staff of the Department of Public Administration, permanent secretaries, and chief executive officers of statutory bodies.

Wendy Francette-Williams, CEO of Grenada Airports Authority, said: “The programme was timely, relevant and will be of value to myself and by extension The Grenada Airports Authority. We are currently finalising our strategic plan for the term 2018- 2022.  The knowledge shared involved new perspectives and clear guidelines in strategic planning. It was well delivered, understood by all and very specific to the topic at hand.”

Michael Stephen, from the Grenada Ministry of Finance said: “The Commonwealth Secretariat has continued to demonstrate that it is a caring and trusted partner. The programme delivered by Roger Koranteng was well delivered and clearly beneficial to our national development. Commonwealth Secretariat advisors such as Dr Koranteng are world class.”

The programme supports the Secretariat’s directive to make public institutions across the Commonwealth more effective and efficient, contributing to an improved public administration for good governance and the prevention of corruption.

Senior level programmes like these, equip Integrity Commission member, law enforcement agencies and senior government officials with innovative skills to effectively manage their organisations towards achieving the SDG 16.