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Commonwealth supports centre to tackle extremism in Cameroon

22 April 2018

A centre to tackle violent extremism in Cameroon has been welcomed by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

The initiative, which will deliver training and research to young people, will enable the government to promote peace and prevent violent extremism in their communities. 

The Secretariat will provide expertise and assistance to help the government of Cameroon with the implementation of the centre, as well as guidance going forward.

In December 2015 the UN Security Council (UNSCR) officially recognised the important role that young people can play in delivering peace through the adoption of the UNSC Resolution 2250. The resolution made clear that young people play “an important and positive role in the maintenance and promotion of peace and security.” The centre in Cameroon is a direct response and a continuation of that commitment.

Felix Mbayu, Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with the Commonwealth, said, “Our government is committed to supporting peacebuilding and countering violent extremism through this institution, due to the amazing strides made by young people to promote peace in Cameroon and the legitimate call for support which is justified by UN Security Council Resolution 2250.”

The Minister added, “With adequate support from the Commonwealth and other member states we believe this will be a perfect model for sustaining peace and preventing violent extremism which can be replicated across the Commonwealth.”

Mark Albon, Head of Countering Violent Extremism, said, “The Commonwealth Secretariat welcomes this initiative. We regard the centre very much as a coordination point for countering violent extremism initiatives in Cameroon.

“Primarily this is about capacity building on the ground to coordinate action and delivery to enable to support communities who are affected by violent extremism.”

Head of Social Policy Development at the Commonwealth, Layne Robinson, said, “The Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassador’s Network has also been an integral part of the response of people getting involved in this work at regional and national level, demonstrating young people’s contribution to dealing with the issues of violent extremism conflict and promoting social cohesion.