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Anti-corruption motif

The Commonwealth: tackling corruption

“Every dollar lost to corruption is a dollar lost to investing in a child’s education, healthcare or much needed infrastructure” - Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland.

No country in the world is untouched by corruption. The phenomenon affects resource-rich and least developed countries and advanced economies alike.

Corruption can take many forms, such as bribes by businesses to politicians or government officials to obtain licences or to bypass regulations.

Corrupt practices, which undermine the rule of law, economic development and growth, are usually an outcome and a symptom of poor governance.

Commonwealth action

For over two decades, the Commonwealth has assisted governments to tackle systemic corruption by supporting the sharing of best practices, training and capacity-building and policy research.

We guide public sector institutions, law-makers, judges and enforcement agencies in Commonwealth member countries in their efforts to strengthen and protect the rule of law, good governance, democracy and human rights.

We assist governments and national authorities to develop and implement anti-corruption strategies in collaboration with civil society and business. The Commonwealth’s strategic advantage derives from its status as a trusted partner - we have no vested interest other than a desire to support our member countries.

Our work ranges from drafting legislation to ensure that new and emerging natural resources industries are protected from abuse, to upholding the integrity of sport by helping countries to stamp out bribery and match fixing.

We use our convening power to connect government officials, professionals and practitioners, and provide technical and legal assistance to deliver solutions tailored to the needs of our member countries.

Our anti-corruption work encompasses:


Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari opens the Commonwealth Tackling Corruption Together Conference in May 2016 by speaking about his work fighting against corruption in Nigeria.