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Securing finance for climate action

Climate change is reversing progress on poverty alleviation, economic growth and stability across the world. There is compelling evidence that Small States and Least Developed Countries (LDCs) are already suffering the impacts of climate change in a disproportional way. Although climate finance is being made available to developing countries through a number of international initiatives, these countries often do not have the capacity to access these funds. This was the finding of the 2013 Commonwealth Expert Group on Climate Finance.

The Climate Finance Access Hub is a pioneering Commonwealth initiative aimed at helping to unlock this internationally available climate finance. The initiative aims to assist small and vulnerable member states with limited capacities to bid for and gain access to climate change finance. This is being achieved through: building human and institutional capacity; supporting the development of pipelines of projects for climate finance; and facilitating cross-Commonwealth cooperation, and sharing of experiences and expertise.

The Climate Finance Access Hub was officially endorsed by the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Malta in November 2015  It is hosted by the Government of Mauritius, and with regional and national advisers deployed across the developing regions of the Commonwealth, in Africa, Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Pacific.

Commonwealth small and vulnerable countries wishing to be supported through the Climate Finance Access Hub or those who want more information are advised to contact: [email protected]