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The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre

Support in the Caribbean for climate change adaptation

The Secretariat has been working with the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre to implement the Regional Plan for 'Achieving Resilience to Climate Change'.

Region: Caribbean
Host: Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC)
Start date: 08/10/2012
End date: 08/10/2014
Policy area: Economic Policy
Policy expert: Janet Strachan
Project manager: Joel Burman


In view of the devastating effect of natural hazards and climate change on small states, the Commonwealth Secretariat has been working with the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) to implement the 'Regional Plan for Achieving Resilience to Climate Change'.


To build regional capacity in facilitating climate change adaptation and mitigation.  


The CCCCC will benefit from this project, which aims to strengthen their regional role in supporting Caribbean member countries. The CCCCC and Caribbean member counties will benefit from greater technical knowledge, resource mobilisation, project management and evaluation tools, and the capacity to learn from and plan for climate change and adaptation priorities.

Ultimately, the Caribbean will benefit from the effective protection and management of their (ecological, economic and social) environments as it faces the diverse impacts of climate change.


The capacities of the Centre and the Caribbean region are being enhanced to provide critical economic and social impact analyses of climate variability, and change on sectors and national economies in the Caribbean, while simultaneously identifying the most cost effective means of mitigating and/or adapting to these impacts.

Through the establishment of the Programme Development and Management Unit (PDMU) headed by the Senior Environmental and Resource Economist (SERE), the Centre’s capacity in project design and preparation is being strengthened. This better positions the Centre and region to access climate financing for its short, medium and long term climate related programmes.

Combined with other improvements to its financial and administrative systems, the Centre is now better positioned to achieve its long-term objective of receiving accreditation as an Implementing Entity (IE) to climate financing mechanisms such as the Adaptation Fund and the proposed Green Climate Fund.

It is expected that the collaboration being fostered with the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) will encourage the greater exchange of information and experiences which will be beneficial to all entities.

The following key achievements have been delivered:

  1. Ten investment related projects to address climate variability and change in CARIFORUM have been developed
  2. Nearly US$40 million has been mobilised for the region to pursue development resilience to climate change
  3. Contribution to the development of a Monitoring and Evaluation (MR&E) Framework which will track progress in the region
  4. Ongoing work to secure over US$150,000 for the roll out of the MR&E Framework in at least 7 Caribbean countries
  5. Technical support provided to environmentally and economically sound adaptation projects that are building the Caribbean's climate resilience
  6. Over 50 people trained in applying environmental and resource economics to better assess the feasibility of proposed adaptation and mitigation projects
  7. A group of qualified people in the region is being expanded in order to enable economic analyses on and for climate related projects
  8. Over 20 people have been trained in using the Economics of Climate Adaptation Framework
  9. Three people have been trained in national income accounting
  10. The visibility of the Centre has been increased through participating and presenting technical papers at various regional and international fora
  11. Collaboration amongst regional entities has been enhanced
  12. A more programmatic approach to development resilience building has been encouraged above the traditional project approach
  13. Greater collaboration between the regional centres of the Pacific, Indian Ocean and the Caribbean has been supported.