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Strengthening the institutional drafting capacity of the Attorney General's Office in Belize

The purpose of this project is to enhance the legal drafting capacity in the Attorney General's Ministry of Belize thus improving the operational effectiveness of the drafting unit.
Country: Belize
Host: Attorney General's Office
Start date: 14/01/2012
End date: 30/06/2017
Policy area: Rule of Law
Policy expert: Steven Malby
Project manager: Pauline Campbell

This project will assist the Government of Belize to deal effectively with legal drafting requirements.


The immediate beneficiary will be the Attorney General's Ministry which currently lacks the necessary technical skills and capacity to effectively draft relevant and timely legislation.

The ultimate beneficiaries will be the Government and people of Belize where legislation forms an integral part of its governance structure. 

  1. At the beginning of the project, the Commonwealth expert received a backlog of legislation list of approximately 30 items; of this list drafting instructions were received for 13 items and legislation produced in relation to those 13 items. In excess of 50 pieces of legislation were drafted and enacted during the expert's assignment
  2. Over the course of the two year project there was a notable increase of the quantity of Acts produced by Chambers that were enacted as distinct from previous years
  3. Legislative drafting capacity has been increased from one drafter at the beginning of the project to a department of four, excluding the Commonwealth expert. There has been a qualitative, as well as a quantitative, increase due to the recruitment of experienced counsel with practical drafting experience. This has increased the capacity of the drafting unit
  4. Installation and implementation of the Legislative Drafting Template and production of the Legislative Drafting Manual. The adoption and use of the Legislative Drafting Manual will ensure standardised style and use of language, ensuring consistency of legislative products
  5. Initiatives such as the preparation of drafting instructions training sessions has increased the quality of instructions received by the Department and significantly reduced the need for numerous meetings during the drafting process
  6. Mentoring was provided on an individualised basis through meetings and discussions relevant to assigned drafting matters. Training in relation to the use of the Legislative Template was also undertaken
  7. Training sessions were held for Line Ministry personnel in the form of a general workshop in January and smaller follow-up workshops were also held with the Ministry of Transport and Works and the Ministry of Tourism.