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Government building in Belize

Institutional strengthening and capacity building of Belize's public sector

The Government of Belize requested technical assistance for the comprehensive review of the job classification and compensation structure, policies, systems and practices.

Country: Belize
Host: Ministry of the Public Service and Elections and Boundaries 
Start date: 15/02/2015
End date: 15/02/2017
Policy area: Public Administration
Policy expert: Omar Mowlana
Project manager: Oluwatoyin Job


Strengthening of the public sector is urgently needed given its central role in Belize's development process.

The Belize National Development Framework (NDF) 2010-2030 - Horizon 2030 outlines four strategic priorities, one of which is 'Democratic Governance for Effective Public Administration and Sustainable Development'. 

The NDF also outlines the following strategies to improve public service delivery: 

  • Implementation of change management processes in the public service to improve the quality of services delivered;
  • Implementation of a proper performance monitoring system;
  • Streamlining of government processes to achieve efficient and cost effective delivery of services;
  • Implementation of a transition mechanism to facilitate effective management of public resources to meet public needs.

To create a framework to strengthen the institutional and human capacities within the public service in Belize and equip it with all the necessary conditions for its modernisation. 


The successful implementation of the project will ensure that the Ministry of Public Service Elections and Boundaries, the lead agency, can fulfil its mandate in modernising the public service to create an enabling environment for economic growth and development.


The outputs of the project will be as follows:

  1. Restructured/redesigned(fit for purpose) Ministry of Public Service Elections and Boundaries
  2. Competency Profile for the MPSEB and the wider Public Service
  3. Performance Management and Reporting system for the Public Service
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation framework for the Public Service
  5. Capacity Development Strategy for the MPSEB and the Public Service
  6. Enhanced Staff with training in the areas of Results Based Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Leadership & Management and Collaboration & Teamwork.