St George Grenada

Grenada : Constitution and politics

Grenada is a small island country of volcanic origin in the eastern Caribbean. It lies just 160 kilometres north of Venezuela. Grenada has a ridge of mountains that run from north to south with steep valleys. It also features large areas of tropical rainforest. Some of the Southern Grenadines islands are a dependency of Grenada, meaning it has political control. 

Key facts

  • Region: Caribbean and Americas
  • Population: 111,450 (2018) 
  • Area: 344 square kilometres 
  • Capital: Saint George’s 
  • Joined Commonwealth: 1974, following independence from Britain 
  • Commonwealth Youth Index: 18 out of 49 countries 

Secretariat support for Grenada 


Grenada received Commonwealth Election Professionals (CEP) Initiative training in May 2018. Its election officials improved their skills in running fair, trusted and inclusive elections. 

Countering violent extremism 

The Secretariat helped senior officials in Grenada strengthen their skills, systems and processes to tackle violent and extremist views. The focus was on the country’s prisoners. 

Human rights 

The Secretariat helped Grenada with its report on human rights in the country under the United Nations’ Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process. 


The Secretariat helped Grenada improve its competitiveness in international trade and business growth by exploring new products and new markets.  

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