Ghana : Travel

Traveller information

Immigration and customs: 

Passports must be valid for at least six months from the date of visa application. Visas are required by most Commonwealth nationals. A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required from all travellers aged over nine months.

Travel within the country: 

raffic drives on the right. An international driving permit is required to drive in Ghana. Seatbelts are compulsory and drink-driving is illegal. Grass or leaves strewn across the road indicates an accident or hazard ahead.

There are domestic flights between Accra, Kumasi and Tamale. The rail network forms a 953-km loop in the south of the country, connecting Accra, Takoradi and Kumasi. Taxis are available in the main towns. Tro-tros (small private buses) are abundant.

Travel health: 

Prevalent diseases where appropriate precautionary measures are recommended include cholera, diphtheria, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, malaria, meningococcal meningitis, rabies, schistosomiasis (bilharzia), typhoid and yellow fever. The World Health Organization has recommended vaccination against yellow fever.

There were 931,000 tourist arrivals in 2010.