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The Commonwealth is often described as a 'family' of nations and peoples.

At the heart of this family are 3 intergovernmental organisations:

The Commonwealth is supported by a network of more than 80 accredited organisations working in specialist areas from education to urban planning.

This directory lists all the Commonwealth's accredited and associated organisations. Find out more about becoming an accredited organisation.

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Commonwealth Consortium for Education (CCfE)

The objectives of the Consortium are to promote the development of education throughout the Commonwealth by mobilising the contribution of education-based NGOs, and to constitute a forum to promote co-operation among member organisations.

Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management

The CCEAM is an organisation dedicated to fostering cooperative and collaborative exchanges internationally amongst education leadership, administration and management professionals.


Commonwealth Countries’ League (CCL)

The CCL works with civil society to promote the education and advancement of women throughout the Commonwealth as a contributory factor in the alleviation of world poverty.


Commonwealth Dental Association (CDA)

The Commonwealth Dental Association aims to improve dental and oral health in Commonwealth countries, by raising the skills of practitioners and increasing the community’s awareness of the importance of oral health.


Commonwealth Disabled People's Forum

The CDPF supports the self-organisation of Disabled People’s Organisations and their collaboration, capacity building with each other, advocacy in implementing the CRPD and the Sustainable Development Goals across the Commonwealth with supportive democratic structures to ensure disabled people with the full range of impairments and backgrounds are not left behind