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This directory lists all organisations accredited and associated with the Commonwealth.


Accreditation to the Commonwealth is carried out by the Accreditation Committee, which is formed of a subset of member governments. Accreditation provides formal recognition and demonstrates that the organisation is committed to the Values and Principles of the Commonwealth, as outlined in the Commonwealth Charter. It entails adherence to a set of rights and responsibilities in representing the Commonwealth name and brand.

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Commonwealth Association for Health and Disability

The Commonwealth Association for Health And Disability is a Pan Commonwealth NGO supported by the Commonwealth Foundation, London and is in Official Relations with WHO


Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM)

CAPAM is a membership organisation dedicated to strengthening public management and consolidating democracy and good governance throughout the Commonwealth.

Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA)

CAA is a membership organisation for institutes representing architects in Commonwealth countries.


Commonwealth Association of Law Reform Agencies (CALRAs)

The Commonwealth Association of Law Reform Agencies (CALRAs) provides capacity-building in law reform, especially through training, reviews, conferences and literature.


Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel (CALC)

The Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel (CALC)'s object is to promote cooperation in matters of professional interest among people in the Commonwealth engaged in legislative drafting or in training people in legislative drafting.