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Access to justice for victims of climate change and international environmental crimes

23 June 2021

Which international mechanisms can individuals, communities and affected countries use to obtain redress for harm caused by those most responsible for the devastating consequences of climate change, the illegal and illicit exploitation of natural resources, and the trade and use of harmful substances?

Event: Debt-for-climate swaps in the Caribbean Tropical island Belize

22 June 2021

In the face of multiple global crises, debt-for-climate swaps are being widely discussed as an instrument to manage mounting public debts, climate change challenges and Covid-19 recovery. Belize is a small island developing state in the Caribbean region facing these challenges. The Government of Belize has requested the Commonwealth Secretariat to provide assistance to design and implement a ‘Debt for Climate/Nature Swap Mechanism’ for the country.

Legislative drafting and law reform exchange programme for OECS Member States

22 June 2021

Tuesday, 22 June 2021, 13:00 to 14:30 BST

Event: Virtual Workshop on Women's Parliamentary and Transformational Leadership Event card graphic

21 June 2021 to 22 June 2021

This two-day interactive workshop is part of the Commonwealth Secretariat's efforts to foster virtual dialogue through its Inclusive Dialogue and Women's Political Participation webinar series.

Event: Regional Conference for Anti-Corruption Agencies in Africa Gavel justice

21 June 2021 to 24 June 2021

The Commonwealth Secretariat is hosting its 11th Regional Conference for Anti-Corruption Agencies in Africa, from 21-24 June 2021.

Event: Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda - Second Virtual Deep Dive Session on ICT Infrastructure Development Policy Global trade graphic

15 June 2021

The Digital Connectivity Cluster of the Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda is organising its second ‘Deep Dive Session’ on the topic ‘ICT Infrastructure Development Policy: Supporting Data Innovation and Digital Trade’.

Data, Technology and Digitalisation Series: Digital Skills for Youth Microsoft digital event flyer

10 June 2021

The Commonwealth Secretariat is hosting a webinar in partnership with Microsoft about the skills that young people need to be competitive as employees, entrepreneurs and digital citizens. Over 60 percent of the Commonwealth's 2.4 billion citizens are aged 29 or under. This webinar will offer an opportunity for young people from across the Commonwealth to talk about their digital skills needs and challenges with industry experts.

World Ocean Day 2021 - The Blue Reset: Building resilient and equitable ocean-based economies post-COVID fisherman casting his net

8 June 2021

This high-level Commonwealth virtual event celebrates World Ocean Day, highlighting how protecting the health of the ocean and coastal communities is critical to national and international economic recovery.

Leveraging earth observation technologies to enhance access to climate finance cyclone aerial

7 June 2021

The Commonwealth Secretariat is driving the call for increased use of satellite derived technologies and data to enhance access of climate finance. This virtual event will launch a new discussion paper on the topic, highlighting the experiences of countries involved in the IPP CommonSensing Project.

Event: Fighting corruption through the Commonwealth Anti-Corruption Benchmarks Globe with justice scales with coins around it

2 June 2021

The Commonwealth Secretariat, in partnership with the Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre (GIACC) and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), has published a landmark set of measures to support efforts to fight corruption: the Commonwealth Anti-Corruption Benchmarks.