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Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland with the Kingdom of eSwatini Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini

Kingdom of Eswatini aspirations chime with CHOGM 2020 agenda

30 January 2020

Secretary-General Patricia Scotland has welcomed an ambitious development strategy by the Kingdom of Eswatini which, she says, aligns with the Commonwealth's aspirations for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) 2020 in Rwanda.

Eswatini will follow a roadmap for development which focuses on five key sectors for growth - education and ICT, mining and energy, tourism, agriculture, agro-processing and manufacturing.

Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Eswatini Ambrose Dlamini shared the government’s vision of attaining first world status within the next three years at a meeting with the Secretary-General.

Prime minister Dlamini said: “The Kingdom of Eswatini has a huge aspiration to develop and advance into a first world country and we are happy to hear our strategy and development plans are aligned with that of the CHOGM agenda.

“In our development journey, we will definitely leverage on the capabilities and strength of the Commonwealth and adopt the best practices as developed by all member countries.”

The Prime Minister discussed 'The Kingdom of Eswatini Strategic Road Map' during talks with the Secretary-General who is on a four-day visit to the Southern African nation.

The Roadmap has three main aims:

  • Deliver value to the people of Eswatini and its partners.
  • Be a strategic and value adding partner to all stakeholders.
  • Sustainably grow the economy of eSwatini for the benefit of all who live there.

The Secretary-General said: “I am greatly impressed and encouraged by the strategic vision shown by the government of Eswatini.

“The Road Map outlined by the Prime Minister to me today resonates with the Commonwealth’s goal of boosting economic growth and improving the standard of living for all our citizens.

“The Commonwealth will continue to support Eswatini in its objective to become one of the most prosperous countries in Africa and better the lives of its people in the process, as Eswatini’s road map for development sets out a clear strategy for achieving the same goals Commonwealth countries have set themselves.”