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Commonwealth Youth Council in 2018

41 candidates announced for Commonwealth Youth Council 2021 election

30 April 2021

Forty-one young leaders have been announced as candidates who will stand in the election to join the Commonwealth Youth Council as executive members.

Candidates were chosen from more than hundreds of nominations received from across the Commonwealth following a careful review process. They will compete for the nine executive seats on the council.

The online campaigning, which starts today with candidates announcing their manifestos, will end on 21 May. The voting will take place online on 22 and 23 May, while the results will be out on 24 May.

Elected candidates will serve the council from 2021 to 2023 and will lead inclusive consultation, projects and events to bring forward ideas and concerns of young people to shape youth development policies and frameworks.

Outgoing chairperson remarks

Speaking ahead of the announcement, the outgoing Commonwealth Youth Council chairperson, Tijani Christian, said: “Today, we announce a set of talented young people willing to serve the Commonwealth’s 1.4 billion young people.

“It is important for young people to remain active in the political process through the council and the elected candidates will be the outlet to carry forward their mandate.”

He added: “The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that leadership matters. So, the election will allow young people to provide the innovative, inclusive and impactful leadership that will help us safeguard an inclusive and sustainable future for all.”

The candidates were shortlisted by the Electoral Board of the Commonwealth Youth Council.

Window of opportunity

Head of the Commonwealth's Social Policy Division, Layne Robinson, urged young people to get involved in the election and engage with candidates on their policy manifestos.

He said: “The disproportionate impacts of the pandemic on young people have revealed that our current system is not working for them. That is not going to change if we return to business-as-usual after the pandemic.

“The pandemic offers a window of opportunity to ensure the voices of young people inform the recovering and rebuilding efforts. The council offers one such avenue to ensure young people feel heard and supported in the decision-making process.”

Mr Robinson added: “That is why, young people should pay attention to the candidates they want to lead the council, who will, on their behalf, work with governments and other stakeholders to realise their needs and aspirations.”

Nominees were required to submit a detailed application that involved their manifestos, personal profile, a letter of endorsement from a national youth council or a youth-led body, and a letter of attestation from a government department.

The election will follow a transparent, fair, independent and democratic process.

Set up in 2013, the Commonwealth Youth Council aims to advance the youth development agenda across the 54 member countries and boost young people’s participation at all levels of decision-making.

Find out more about the 41 candidates contesting in the CYC Executives Election 2021.

2021 candidates

The 2021 candidates, in alphabetical order by individual surname, are:

Position: Chairperson

 Kim Allen, Papua New Guinea

 Broderick Mervyn, Fiji

 Anaseini Ulakai, Tonga

 Mererai Vatege, Fiji

Position: Vice Chairperson – Inclusion & Engagement

 Michelle Carol, Uganda

 Christabel Derby, Ghana

 Ibrahim Hussein, Kenya

 Sallu Kamuskay, Sierra Leone

 Wevyn Muganda, Kenya

 Haward Muhwezi, Uganda

 Danish Tariq, Pakistan

Position: Vice Chairperson – Partnership & Resources

 James da Costa, United Kingdom

 Bidian Okoth, Kenya

 Everton Rattray, Jamaica

 Gonaya Sethora, Botswana

 Jayren Teo, Singapore

Position: Vice Chairperson – Policy & Advocacy

 Frank Justice, Nigeria

 Faith Mairah, Uganda

 Nahjae Nunes, Jamaica

 Afzal Pervez, United Kingdom

 Bochum Samuel, Cameroon

 EldaDavid Samuel, Nigeria

Position: Regional Representative – Pacific

 Lachlan Kelly, Australia

 Sagufta Salma, Fiji

Position: Regional Representative – Africa & Europe

 Namir Chowdhury, United Kingdom

 Kaene Disepo, Botswana

 Ifeoluwa Kehinde, Nigeria

 Shamim Nabuuma, Uganda

 Jane Nakasamu, Zambia

 Ekema Ndolo, Cameroon

 Mussa Mutsinzi, Rwanda

Position: Regional Representative – Asia

 Shomy Chowdhury, Bangladesh

 Fahmida Faiza, Bangladesh

Position: Regional Representative – Caribbean & Americas

 Chevaughn Brown, Jamaica

 Dominique Noralez, Belize

 Karina Samaroo, Trinidad and Tobago

Position: Regional Representative – Special Interest Groups

 Ram Dulip, Sri Lanka

 Sania Haider, Pakistan

 Md Tamzid Hayder, Bangladesh

 Joseph Migila, Tanzania

 Elisha Mogunde, Kenya