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Event: Virtual Training on the Commonwealth Good Regulatory Principles and Practice

Wednesday, June 30th at 1200 – 1330 (BST)

Differences in regulatory systems, and the difficulty in complying with standards, have been identified by the private sector as the second and third greatest concern about doing business in other Commonwealth countries. In December 2020, Draft Commonwealth Good Regulatory Principles were presented at the 4th meeting of the Regulatory Connectivity Cluster.

As a result, the Regulatory Cluster of the Connectivity Agenda is conducting a series of virtual trainings for Member States supporting the development of the Commonwealth Good Regulatory Practice Principles (GRPs).

Please join us for this inaugural virtual training on Wednesday, June 30th at 1200 – 1330 (BST) which aims to deepen understanding of the Principles, encouraging trade and regulatory officials from across the Commonwealth to exchange information about good regulatory practices, related initiatives recently implemented, in progress or planned.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • When the GRP agenda appeared and why it so relevant for developed and developing countries?
  • How the Principles interact between themselves and other national policies that strengthen governance, support economic growth, and facilitate trade?
  • How the Principles can frame the design and implementation of successful and sustainable policies, institutions, tools and GRPs?
  • How to ensure GRPs implementation, address challenges and how to resolve them?
  • What lessons can be drawn from recent examples and case studies, particularly from developing countries which ideally are of the common law tradition?

This first webinar will also be an opportunity to present the objectives and content of the next three webinars to be organized in coming months dealing with the six specific Principles through case studies from Commonwealth countries implementing them across different levels of development and from different regions.


Ms Kay Sealy, Director of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Foreign  Affairs and Trade, Barbados

Mr Cesar Cordova, Director, Jacobs, Cordova & Associates

Upcoming events

  • 12th - 14th July: Joint WTO-COMESA virtual Workshop on Trade in Business Services for Commonwealth COMESA members.
  • 2nd GRP Training Session: July 21st 2021. Each Webinar will focus on two Good Regulatory Practices (GRP) from the draft Commonwealth Good Regulatory Principles that have assisted countries in different stage of development to implement some or all Principles.

This event is open to member states representatives only and approved observers.

For further information, please contact the Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda Team  at [email protected]