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Powering our Common Ties: Connect, Engage, Contribute

How many Commonwealth affiliated organisations, charities, associations can you name, apart from the Commonwealth Secretariat? Did you know that there are many Commonwealth youth networks that you can join and actively contribute to issues that matter the most to you?

We will be hosting the first 2018 Commonwealth CommonTies event in London with the aim to introduce you to the larger Commonwealth family, and to help you learn more about the Commonwealth and connect with the rich network of young people and organisations within it.

You will have an opportunity to:

  • Take part in an exciting interactive Commonwealth Fair with the associations, organisations, and charities of the Commonwealth Family.
  • Hear from a former world champion athlete and one of the UK’s most respected sports administrators and youth leadership mentor, Geoff Thompson.
  • Learn from panel guests who will be discussing meaningful ways to engage young people in the delivery of the four subthemes of this year’s Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) with the theme being Towards a Common Future:
    • A More Sustainable Future
    • A Fairer Future
    • A More Secure Future
    • A More Prosperous Future
  • Discover how to engage in the Commonwealth Youth Forum (CYF) and how you can join the Commonwealth in the delivery of the CYF Action Plan.

Following the discussion, please join us for a networking reception with fellow guests.

After this event, you will know how to associate with, subscribe to or generally explore opportunities for sustained collaboration with the Commonwealth, both now and beyond!

Please do not miss the chance to attend this exciting event. 

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