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ICT and Innovation Open Day

Commonwealth heads of government have highlighted the role of science, technology and innovation in supporting good governance, promoting inclusion and sustainable development.

The Commonwealth has continued to embrace a digital transformation in its work practices and in the recognition of data as a core asset. Innovation will be one of the central themes at the next Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in 2020.

The Open Day is an opportunity for the High Commissioners, Commonwealth organisations and partners to understand, appreciate and reflect on the work done so far. During the day, the Commonwealth Secretariat and partners will showcase new products and services. It will be an opportunity to gain deeper insights into ongoing work to enhance the possibilities for co-creation and innovation in the future. Key outcomes, products and services include:

  • Launch of the Commonwealth Connected workspace as part of the cooperation agreement with Bloomberg Philanthropies;
  • An introduction to the Commonwealth Innovation Hub and Data Platform;
  • Presentations on online services such as Meridian, OCCJR, i-Library and the Commonwealth Consultants database.

The event will include speakers from partner organisations such as Global Innovation Fund, GSMA, Nekton as well as a troika of Commonwealth Chairs in Office and the Commonwealth Secretariat.

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