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Commonwealth Day 2014

Commonwealth Day is an opportunity to promote understanding on global issues, international co-operation and the work of Commonwealth organisations, which aim to improve the lives of citizens. 

It is celebrated on the second Monday in March every year. 

The theme for 2014 is #TeamCommonwealth, which expresses the spirit of friendship and motivation towards the shared goals and values that exist between Commonwealth members

Event calendar

Commonwealth Nurses Federation Conference
Friday, 7 March 2014 

The Royal Commonwealth Society and Commonwealth Nurses Federation will host a reception at the Royal College of Nursing in London, opening the biannual Commonwealth Nurses Federation Conference and kicking off Commonwealth Week proceedings. The reception will host 180 guests (including 80 nurses and midwives from across the Commonwealth), from the worlds of healthcare, sport and the governmental and non-governmental Commonwealth. More information

Commonwealth Day Observance
Monday, 10 March 2014

Organised by the Royal Commonwealth Society, the Observance is the biggest multi-faith celebration in the United Kingdom and takes the form of an hour long service at Westminster Abbey, London, featuring a mixture of testimonies, readings, hymns and musical performances. It is attended by HM Queen Elizabeth II, Head of the Commonwealth, and senior politicians, High Commissioners, Commonwealth dignitaries and up to 200 other VIPs. It is also attended by over 1,000 schoolchildren, with 2,000 people present in total. The Observance is by invitation only. More information

Commonwealth Day Reception 
Monday, 10 March 2014

The Commonwealth Secretary-General hosts a reception attended by The Queen and representatives of the 53 members of the Commonwealth at the Commonwealth Secretariat in Marlborough House, London. The evening commemorates the Commonwealth Day theme. The Reception is by invitation only.

Commonwealth Day Concert
Monday, 10 March 2014

To mark Commonwealth Day and Glasgow's hosting of the forthcoming Commonwealth Games, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra presents a concert of music associated with Glasgow and the West of Scotland. More information

Commonwealth Day Multi-faith Celebration
Monday, 10 March 2014

Organised by the Friends of the Commonwealth in Canberra, Australia, this celebration will involve leaders from all of the major religions as well as cultural performances representing various Commonwealth countries. More information

High Commissioners' Banquet at St James's Palace
Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Attendees at the dinner, hosted by the Royal Commonwealth Society in London, will include High Commissioners from the 53 Commonwealth nations, senior figures from the Commonwealth family, and key individuals from the worlds of politics, civil society, business and sport. The Banquet is by invitation only. More information

A Reception to Celebrate Team Commonwealth
Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Royal Commonwealth Society, in collaboration with the Glasgow 2014 Organising Committee and the Greater London Authority will be organising an event building momentum towards the 2014 Commonwealth Games. More information

Commonwealth Theme for 2014: #TeamCommonwealth

The Commonwealth is an extraordinary team; 53 widely differing countries united in shared values working together to further common aims. As competitors from around the globe gather in Glasgow for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, team spirit will be on display not just within nations, but also between them.

#TeamCommonwealth expresses a very real spirit of friendship and motivation towards the shared goals and values that exist between Commonwealth members. This enables them to work together to help one another create just and peaceful societies, achieve sustainable and inclusive social progress, advance democracy, and build economic resilience with prosperity in which all citizens can share.

Teamwork is central to the modern Commonwealth. It is what makes it a truly unique institution, it is what will give its members a competitive advantage, and it is what will ensure the association’s increasing relevance throughout the 21st century.

The #TeamCommonwealth theme inspires the governments, institutions and people of the Commonwealth, individually as well as collectively, to strive with ever greater ambition and effort to claim the practical advantages and common good that are emerging from a reinvigorated Commonwealth network.