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Common Earth Conference

World-renowned environmentalists, scientists, climate change experts and indigenous groups will meet on 3 October in London to create a roadmap for pioneering, country-led solutions to climate change.

The event, convened by the Commonwealth and its implementation partner on regenerative development, the Cloudburst Foundation, will officially launch Common Earth - an international consortium aimed at collectively creating and harnessing strategies to restore the damage caused by climate change and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Building on the Commonwealth’s ongoing regenerative development initiative, the conference will look at why strategies which are based on preserving living systems and tailored to specific locations are most effective in addressing climate change; and how to create partnerships that can harness, accelerate and scale-up their impacts. 

Specific aims of the conference include:

  • Facilitating the collaboration of different disciplines and projects focused on restorative, regenerative approaches to addressing climate change.
  • New and improved partnerships which fill gaps across sectors, fields, industries and communities, and which will encourage broad participation in sustainable ‘blue/green’ economic systems that can improve climate resilience.
  • Improved understanding of how to regionally accelerate and scale-up regenerative climate change projects around the world.
  • Increased ability to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, Paris Agreement, and Commonwealth Blue Charter commitments.

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