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Africa Region Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting

The Africa Region Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting (AR-CYMM) will be held in Yaoundé, Cameroon, between 8-10 February 2015.

The meeting is convened by the Commonwealth Secretariat and hosted by the Government of Cameroon, under the theme ‘Young people building a stable and sustainable future’.

The first of its kind at Africa regional level, the meeting brings together Ministers with responsibility for youth affairs, senior government officials, youth representatives and other invited stakeholders from Commonwealth countries in Africa. 

During the meeting, delegates will focus on regional and global youth development challenges and opportunities, including new global development goals for 2015 and beyond.

Delegates will take stock of current trends in youth development in Africa and identify strategies and priorities for future action to advance youth empowerment in the Commonwealth.

The meeting incorporates a Youth Leaders’ Forum, managed by the Commonwealth Youth Council in partnership with the National Youth Council of Cameroon. 

It follows the 8th Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting in April 2013 in Papua New Guinea, which brought together Youth Ministers, senior government officials and young leaders from across the 53 nations of the Commonwealth to discuss youth policy priorities.

For further information, please contact the Youth Division

Visit the host government website: www.arcymm15.org

Join the conversation online via the AR-CYMM Facebook page