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Consultancy to Undertake a Logistics Chain Analysis of Trade at the Barbados Port Inc., to contribute to developing the port's 10-year Strategic Plan (2020 - 2030)

Location: Barbados/Caribbean
Closing date: 11 December 2019
Contract duration: 40 person days over the period December 2019 –April 2020

Fee: £32,000

The Port of Bridgetown is a multipurpose Port and its administration is vested in the CEO of Barbados Port Incorporated (BPI). The Port has seen several administrative changes subsequent to its establishment. Originally administered as Port Contractors Limited, the Barbados Port Authority was formed in 1979 as a Statutory Board. At the end of 2003 the organization was converted into a corporatized company now known as Barbados Port Inc., registered under the Companies Act of Barbados. The BPI is the provider of terminal services with key elements of these provided by third parties under short-term contracts. Barbados Port Inc. (BPI), the managing body, for the Port of Bridgetown, has requested assistance from the Commonwealth Secretariat to examine logistics related opportunities as part of the formulation of a new Strategic Plan designed to realise the port’s positive development over the next 10 years and beyond.

BPI is currently conducting final development of IMO single Window software which will facilitate information flow for clearing vessels. In addition, BPI, in association with the Inter-American Development Bank, has scheduled the development of a Port Community System, which will offer a facility for documentation process management, cargo inspections and clearances among the range of stakeholders involved in trade. At the end of the exercise, the BPI must be in a position to create a full logistics hub based on the developed framework.

Thus, the aim of this consultancy is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of trade and port logistics at the BPI which would include recommendations on the strategic approach to be taken at the BPI to increase competitiveness and efficiencies on a regional and global scale, while implementing environmentally sustainable practices to realise and achieve the vision of the Ports Authority.

Objectives of the Consultancy

  1. Review cargo handling operations and forecast demand
  2. Define logistic operations and potential allied to current and forecast traffic developments – specifically a review of logistics operations focused on Barbadian demand and also the potential for a broader regional role;
  3. Review current port tariffs and cargo tariff pricing.  This to be determined by regional competitive pressures and pricing elasticity in demand
  4. Assess the value of implementing a PPP, the scope of this and optimised paths to implementation based on sector experience;
  5. Review contractual terms and recommend potential changes;
  6. Identify the main dysfunctions and opportunities for improvement of Port operations at the BPI;
  7. Identify global trends in environmentally sustainable port logistics and recommend ways in which these can be incorporated into the Port’s 10- year strategy;
  8. Identify initiatives to improve efficiency and capability to contribute to the port’s increased competitiveness;
  9. Identify opportunities for sustainable training and capacity building and;
  10. Identify methods to foster greater knowledge sharing among agencies and ICT advancement.


  • Postgraduate qualifications in International Trade, Economics, Business or Development
  • At least 10 years’ international experience in national and/or sector strategy development for Trade facilitation, preferably acquired on projects for emerging or developing economies
  • Substantive knowledge and working experience on International Trade Facilitation initiatives, International maritime logistics projects on a multi-commodity basis and ongoing multilateral and regional deliberations on business climate reform.
  • Experience in examining the potential for and developing Public, Private Partnerships in the Port sector and developing port business and investment models
  • Considerable expertise in the design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation (M & E) frameworks for the delivery of capacity building projects.
  • Ability to work with a broad range of stakeholders
  • Good understanding of the policy and trade/business environment of Caribbean region will be an added advantage

How to apply:

This invitation is open to consultants who are nationals of Commonwealth member countries; consulting firms; legally registered entities in Commonwealth jurisdictions.

Proposals should clearly indicate:

  • Technical approach and methodology proposed to undertake activities outlined in the scope of work (not more than 8 pages). Individual consultants should state their approach and methodology within the accompanying bid letter.
  • Proposed work plan and milestones
  • Proposed budget with all costs clearly broken down
  • Detailed CVs of the proposed team members
  • A breakdown of tasks and responsibilities between the team members

Please refer to the attached terms of reference for further details.

All submissions should be made via the online recruitment system.  If you have a special requirement, please contact the recruitment team at: [email protected]

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The closing date for this vacancy is 11 December 2019 at 17:00 GMT.

Terms of reference