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Select one of the following stories to see what our Hub and Spokes advisers have been working on in their respective countries and ministries of deployment.
A truck loaded with white bags parked near large cranesBlog: Assisting Kenyan MPs counteract unfair trade practices

Philda Maiga, the programme’s National Trade Adviser to Kenya, led a workshop with Members of Parliament and other key stakeholders to raise understanding of important remedial trade legislation. MORE

Canoes and boats on a river bank with a large crowd of people gathered nearbyThe Tripartite Free Trade Area Negotiations: Lessons Learned

Racheal Kemigisha is a trade adviser working with the Hub and Spokes programme based in Zambia at the Common Market for Eastern Africa, East African Community. MORE

Burundi MarketSupporting Burundi to boost trade and competitiveness

Youssouf Kone, a trade adviser, has been working with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism in Burundi since 2011. MORE

A yellow forklift truck carrying a shipping containerTrade adviser helps to create a competitive services market in East Africa

Dorica Suvye Phiri is a Regional Trade Adviser shapeing the development of a customs union and common market for East Africa. MORE

 The library quadrangle at National University of Lesotho‘Pleased to be helping improve Lesotho’s export capabilities’

Samuel Yeboah, a trade adviser, has been working with the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Lesotho since 2014. MORE

Busy market in Lilongwe, MalawiRaising Malawi’s voice in trade negotiations

Isaac B. Gokah, a trade adviser, has been supporting the Malawi Ministry of Industry and Trade on trade development since 2011. MORE