Gender Equality through Sport

The Commonwealth Secretariat has partnered with Pro Sport Development (PSD)- an award-winning social enterprise dedicated to using sport for the holistic development of children and youth and the Martha Farrell Foundation (MFF), which supports practical interventions to achieve a gender-equality.

Together they created the Sport Against Gender Inequality (SAGI) online resource. The programme leverages the diverse expertise, experience and resources of the three organisations in order to share evidence-based approaches with practitioners. 

The Programme

  • The SAGI online resource has been adapted from MFF and PSD’s successful, evidence-based programme called Kadam Badhate Chalo. KBC is a youth-led programme, in which adolescent girls and boys work together towards ending sex and gender-based discrimination and violence within their own communities. 
  • SAGI aims to help practitioners approach the issues of gender-based violence and stereotyping with adolescent participants, using sports-based activities to create community-based leaders that can champion gender equality.
  • SAGI has modified the KBC activities to enable them to be delivered either online or in-person. It provides considerations for virtual participation while keeping in mind online safeguarding guidelines and ensuring all public health and safety guidelines relating to COVID-19, including wearing face coverings, maintaining social distancing and ensuring hand hygiene, are followed for in-person delivery.

Workbooks and materials

Workbook 1

Workbook 2

Workbook 3

Workbook 4

Workbook 5

Workbook 6

Additional Resources

Visit the Pro Sport Development website and the Martha Farrell Foundation website for further information.

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