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Faith in the Commonwealth

Faith in the Commonwealth is a global citizenship education (GCED) programme for young Commonwealth citizens of all faiths and none. It began as a partnership with the Khalili Foundation.

Faith is used by some to cause divisions in society. The Commonwealth wants to promote a better understanding of faith and global citizenship, to bring people together to make a fairer and more peaceful world.

How it works

Faith in the Commonwealth delivers its objectives in 2 ways.

  1. We train young leaders to train others in global citizenship
  2. We offer a citizenship education toolkit to universities

Trainers’ workshops

Our Youth Training of Trainers workshops bring together young people aged 15 to 29 from different faiths, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

Over 4 days of exercises and interactive discussions they learn how to bring their communities together around shared values rather than perceived differences.


  • discuss faith, culture, identity and gender
  • challenge outdated assumptions
  • practice listening and negotiating skills
  • are open to new possibilities for how to live respectfully with others.

They learn how to:

  • consult with community stakeholders
  • develop and deliver on plans
  • evaluate and report results.

Education toolkit

The global citizenship education (GCED) toolkit is a peer-reviewed curriculum for university education.

The curriculum explores contemporary ideas about identity, culture, and society. Students study it as an unaccredited elective subject. It complements their degree programs and enriches their studies.

Commonwealth social policy work

Faith in the Commonwealth is part of the Commonwealth’s social policy work on education, youth development, anti-extremism and promoting peace.

It brings to life the principles of the Commonwealth Charter – tolerance, respect and understanding, human rights, access to health, education, food and shelter and the importance of young people in the Commonwealth – that unite our diverse family of nations.

Education in the Commonwealth

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