Commonwealth elections publication

Election Knowledge Sharing

A key strength of the Commonwealth is the readiness of member countries to share knowledge and experience and learn from one another.

In our elections work, this is facilitated through the Commonwealth Electoral Network (CEN) and the development of guides and handbooks for election administrators on a range of topics.​

Commonwealth Electoral Network 

The CEN aims to promote good practices in the field of elections management, facilitate experience sharing and foster a sense of community among Commonwealth election management bodies. ​

Since its establishment in 2010, the CEN has convened four Biennial Conferences and a host of working groups on topics including:

  • Voter education and electoral participation
  • Independence of election management bodies
  • Voter registration
  • Managing the influence of incumbency
  • Election cybersecurity
  • Political finance


Following the declaration of the pandemic, the Commonwealth reached out to CEN members to explore the impact of COVID-19 on the management of elections, and to identify and share key principles, emerging good practice and lessons learnt. Read the Briefing Papers:


In consultation with the CEN, the Secretariat has developed a range of publications on key topics. These include: ​

The Good Electoral Practice Series, developed by CEN working groups, features further guides on:

All election publications and Commonwealth Observer Group reports can be found through the Commonwealth Knowledge Centre.