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Specific mandates are given at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) to support member states in responding to cybercrime.

At the 2011 CHOGM, held in Sri Lanka, heads of government noted that: "The Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative and the recent endorsement of its methodology by senior officials of Commonwealth Law Ministries called for the provision of assistance to developing countries with their cybercrime issues."

This unifies the two strands of the Commonwealth’s mandate. Not only will the Commonwealth provide general policy assistance to member states in relation to cybercrime, but it will also continue to develop the Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative (CCI), as a means of building capacity within member states.

This means that we will work in two ways:

  1. Providing direct capacity-building assistance through the CCI 
  2. Building policy tools, including model laws and technical guidance which member states can draw on, and advocacy on behalf of member states.

We will:

  • Review Commonwealth cybercrime legislative tools;
  • Develop a report on the prevalence of virtual currencies in the Commonwealth and technical guidance for member states on legislative and regulatory response;
  • Continue representation and advocacy on behalf of the Commonwealth.
Policy and Advocacy

The Commonwealth's primary mode of assisting member states is through the development of policy tools. This includes:

  • The Commonwealth Model Law on Computer and Computer Related Evidence;
  • The Harare Scheme for Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters within the Commonwealth;
  • The Commonwealth Network of Contact Persons; and
  • The Commonwealth Virtual Currencies Project.

The Commonwealth represents the interests of member states at a variety of international fora. For example, CCI participates in the International Telecommunications Union’s Child Online Protection (‘COP’) Initiative. The Commonwealth Secretariat is also an observer on the Council of Europe’s Cybercrime Convention Committee.