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Three students at Ocean of Light School Tongatapu, Tonga

Creating knowledge sharing hubs

The Commonwealth Secretariat launched an Education Hub at the 19th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers in The Bahamas in June 2015. The Hub provides a knowledge-sharing platform for education professionals across the Commonwealth to develop effective policymaking, improve practice and help countries achieve their education goals.

With more than 600 members, the online Community of Practice has access to relevant information and a discussion forum to address topical issues. The aim is to create a collaborative approach to tackling challenges in the education sector by sharing best practice and finding solutions.

The high level of participation in online discussions on issues such as financing quality education and supporting the Sustainable Development Goals show that knowledge and information can be exchanged globally at a minimal cost. Discussions have included input from member countries across four Commonwealth regions. For example, the discussion on the use of information and communications technology in learning prompted contributions from Canada, Saint Lucia, Kenya, Samoa, India, the United Kingdom, Rwanda and Antigua and Barbuda. The Hub also plays an important role in connecting education experts from other key international institutions, such as UNESCO.

Following the success of the Education Hub, the Secretariat is developing a Health Hub, which seeks to provide a similar platform for health professionals in the Commonwealth.