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Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative

The Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative (CCI) unites 35 international organisations, including Interpol, OAS, Council of Europe (CoE), Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) and ITU, contributing to multidisciplinary programmes in Commonwealth countries. These organisations form the CCI Consortium.

The Commonwealth adds:

  • a strong track record in this area. The Commonwealth Model Law on Cybercrime and Harare Scheme for Mutual Assistance are recognised as international, best practice in the field and a viable alternative to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime.
  • value as a “trusted partner”. No agenda beyond assisting the member state, providing unique convening power.
  • endorsements by major players in the fight against cybercrime.
  • an unambiguous mandate of the Commonwealth Heads of Government which provides CCI with unique political buy-in.

On receiving a request from a member state, the CCI deploys a mission team, including at least one technical and one criminal justice expert. They are drawn from the consortium members who are best placed to donate these resources.

A gap analysis is conducted using the CCI Checklist from which a needs assessment report is produced. The outcomes of this report are agreed with the member state which outlines its priorities and capacities for reform. The consortium is then asked to make commitments to meet these needs.

During 2015-2016:

  • three further needs assessments in the Caribbean will be conducted;
  • there will be a launch event for the East African Regional cybercrime networks; and
  • we will work with another CCI partner the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation to support the development of enhanced cybercrime capabilities in the Nigerian telecommunications sector.
CCI assisted:
  • Ghana – Scoping mission April 2012, Legislative/COP mission Dec 2014
  • Botswana – Scoping mission May 2014, Legislation analysis Feb 2015
  • Kenya – Scoping mission Oct 2013 (also United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime [UNODC] assessments)
  • Uganda – Scoping mission Sep 2013 (also UNODC assessments)
  • Tanzania – UNODC assessment Sep 2014
  • Dominica- Scoping mission August 2014
  • Trinidad and Tobago – Scoping mission Jul 2013, Data protection legislative work Mar 2015
  • CCI and UNODC hosted a regional meeting held in East Africa in May 2014 resulting in ‘Kampala Outcomes’ [link?]

Results of these interventions include:

  • The development of partnerships between UK and Ghanaian Universities;
  • Reviews and recommendations for reform of Cybercrime Legislation in Ghana, Botswana and Trinidad & Tobago;
  • Direct assistance to establish the new Information Commission in Trinidad & Tobago;
  • The establishment of networks in East Africa to combat cybercrime;
  • Further child online protection and support academic research; and
  • Assisting Botswana with the reform of its Cybercrime Act 2007.