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CS-DRMS has grown over the years to achieve the leadership status in the area of sovereign debt information management solutions. As a result of its popularity, the number of countries using CS-DRMS (available in both English and French) has risen shapely on annual basis since its first installation.

CS-DRMS, an integrated tool for recording, analysing and reporting public sector debt, is constantly evolving to match the ways in which debt management is reshaping itself. The software adopts a holistic approach through the extensive coverage of various types and categories of debt liability and debt related financial instruments for sovereign as well as sub-national governments.

CS-DRMS is designed to manage both conventional and complex financial agreements (loans and securities) offered by a wide range of creditors and capital markets. The software, supporting sound debt management practices, is a comprehensive debt data repository system and helps maintain an updated debt position for a borrower. It supports crucial debt operations like debt service payments, monitoring of new borrowings and a host of analytical functions. The software promotes greater efficiency in debt management operations.

CS-DRMS provides the users with a facility to capture loan instrument transactions at each stage of the loan cycle, thereby giving users:

  • Comprehensive external debt recording module for private and public debt;
  • Enhanced domestic debt module to record and maintain a diversified range of domestic debt instruments;
  • An on-lending capabilities to assist governments in their lending and managing on-lending loans to public corporations and private sector;
  • A debt analytical package called Management Tools;
  • Short-term debt module to capture various types of short-term debt including contingent liabilities and other short-term domestic debt and arrears;
  • An integrated debt-reporting facility flexible enough to satisfy a variety of users of debt information including compilers of balance of payment and government finance statistics;
  • Flexible links to other systems to allow export and import of debt data.

CS-DRMS integrates with financial systems and allows seamless exchange of debt related data for improving efficiency and accuracy of information. It manages any portfolio size: small, medium or large; and its modular design means that it can be installed and configured to function independently or across back, middle and front offices.

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