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Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting 2017

Discussion Note 2017- Boosting employment through innovation: How can we implement the enabling environment for technological change?

Discussion Note 2017- Can innovations in market instruments help achieve the Paris Agreement? 

Discussion Note 2017- Exploring financing options to address the vulnerabilities of small states

Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting 2016

Discussion Note 2016- Unlocking Climate Finance for Commonwealth Countries

Discussion Note 2016- The ‘Panama Papers’ – A Commonwealth Conversation

Discussion Note 2016- Brexit: Its Implications and Potential for the Commonwealth

Discussion Note 2016- Action to Expand the Economic Impact of Diaspora Finance

Discussion Note 2016- Domestic Revenue Mobilisation, Tax Reform and the Role of Finance Ministries

Commonwealth Central Bank Governors Meeting 2017

Discussion Note 2017- Unleashing the potential of Fintech: Developing effective working relationships with the private sector

Discussion Note 2016: De-risking: The Impact in Commonwealth Developing Countries and the Need for a Solutions Focus

Discussion Note 2016: Brexit and the Potential Challenges for Monetary Policy  

Global Biennial Conference on Small States

Third Global Biennial Conference on Small States Outcome Document

Second Global Biennial Conference on Small States Outcome Document

Annual Commonwealth-Francophonie G20 Dialogue

The Commonwealth-La Francophonie G20 Annual Dialogue Chair’s Summary

Discussion Paper 2017- The G20 Agenda: Recent Outcomes, Opportunities and Challenges

Discussion Note 2016- Update on G20 Engagement



Financing the Sustainable Development Goals with Diaspora Investment


 Disconnecting from Global Finance


Addressing the Financing and Debt Challenges of Commonwealth Small States

Debt Swaps for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation A Commonwealth Proposal

Commonwealth Multilateral Debt Swap for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Proposal An Exposition of the Operational Features

Review of the Joint WB-IMF Debt Sustainability Framework (2016) ‘Readjusting the IMF's Loss Function'


Building the Resilience of Small States-A Revised Framework

Profiling Vulnerability and Resilience-A Manual for Small States

A Commonwealth Vulnerability Index for Developing Countries-The Position of Small States

A Future for Small States: Overcoming Vulnerability

Small States: A Composite Vulnerability Index

Vulnerability: Small States in the Global Society. Commonwealth Consultative Group Report

Research and Publications

Small States Bulletin Volume 3

Small States Bulletin Volume 4

Small States Bulletin Volume 5

Small States Bulletin Volume 6

Small States Bulletin Volume 7

Small States Bulletin Volume 8

Small States Bulletin Volume 10

Small States Bulletin Volume 11

Small States Bulletin Volume 12

Small States Bulletin Volume 13

Small States Bulletin Volume 14

Small States Bulletin Volume 15

Small States Bulletin Volume 16

Small States Bulletin Volume 17

Small States Bulletin Volume 18

Small States Bulletin Volume 19

Small States Digest


Citizenship by investment: a lifeline for many small states

For the greater good? The loss of jobs in the digital era

Blog: Fintech - A SWOT Analysis

Category 5 storms: A norm or exception?

Two sides of the same coin? Diaspora Investment and Citizenship-by-Investment

Caribbean Development Bank leading the way on linking vulnerability with development financing


Countercyclical Financial Instruments-Building fiscal resilience to exogenous shocks

Extending Countercyclical Loans- Lessons from Agence Française de Développement

Introducing Hurricane Clauses-Lessons from Grenada’s recent experience

Achieving a Resilient Future for Small States-Caribbean 2050

Policy Options and Low International Oil Prices An Assessment for Commonwealth Countries

Small States and the Commonwealth-Supporting Sustainable Development