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Secretary-General: In the Media

The latest interviews, articles and videos about Commonwealth Secretary-General Rt Hon Patricia Scotland.

‘Collaborate to deliver development agenda’

Secretary-General urges member countries to collaborate to deliver the 17-goal sustainable development agenda and the Commonwealth Charter effectively.
Daily Graphic, August 2016 Read more

Patricia Scotland: “I wanted to do"

“I always wanted to make a difference, and looking at what I was good at - I liked communication, I liked people, I liked articulating on behalf of others...”
Caribbean Beat, August 2016 Read more

Commonwealth SG pushes for more scholarships

The Commonwealth Secretary General, Ms Patricia Scotland, challenged universities to increase the number of scholarships they offer to Commonwealth students.
The Ghanaian Times, July 2016 Read more

Can the traditions of Indigenous people help us reverse climate change?

The Commonwealth Secretariat has proposed the new Multilateral Debt Swap idea to discount loan repayments to the value of climate action. We are also establishing our Climate Finance Access Hub.
Guyana Chronicle, July 2016 Read more

What does Brexit mean for the Commonwealth? Nations to turbocharge trade cooperation

“I believe that now that the UK has made its decision, the Commonwealth will become more pivotally important than it has ever been.” – Commonwealth Secretary-General.
The Express, July 2016 Read more

House of Lords International Relations Committee Evidence Session statement

“The analysis came to identify that there is a 19 per cent advantage for Commonwealth common-law countries trading with each other above trading with any other partner.”
UK Parliament TV, July 2016 Read more

Crime can be reduced if we treat our children better

As Jamaica continues to struggle with the rising incidence of serious crimes among young people, the Secretary-General argues that the problem is not unique to the island.
Jamaica Observer, July 2016 Read more

Commonwealth jumps to CARICOM's assistance In debanking crisis

"The Commonwealth is here to help and support and to be an advocate for the small and vulnerable countries," she said.
Jamaica Gleaner, July 2016 Read more

Youth Urged to Help Commonwealth States Achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Baroness Scotland challenged young people to work towards delivering on the objective of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21).
Jamaica Information Service, July 2016 Read more