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Building Grenada's capacity to manage investment initiatives

The Government of Grenada requested technical assistance to build capacity to effectively lead and manage current and future investment initiatives.

Country: Grenada
Host: Attorney General's Office (AG)
Start date: 21/04/2012
End date: 21/04/2016
Policy area: Rule of Law
Policy expert: Steven Malby
Project manager: Pauline Campbell


As a tourism based economy, the Government of Grenada (GOG) continues to pursue investments that would create sustainable development and employment for its citizens. As a consequence, the GoG continues to attract the interest of regional and international investors. 


This project will build the institutional capacity within the Attorney General's (AG) Office to effectively lead and manage current and future investment initiatives, and enable GoG to be better positioned to negotiate and conclude development proposals which foster greater economic growth and development for the country.    


The immediate beneficiaries of the project will be the legal personnel within the AG's Chambers, and other relevant ministries, who will benefit from the institutional strengthening outputs of the expert. The timely advice and assessment of new cases and the reduction of outstanding cases will relieve the AG's office to concentrate on other priorities. 

The GoG and people of Grenada are expected to benefit through the positive economic impact on the various development sectors and downstream industries, which will result in increased employment opportunities.

  1. The Cabinet has approved a number of policy protocols governing the management of investments. These include the Contracting of Construction Projects Policy, the Investment Proposal Protocol and the Government Contracts Protocol.
  2. Several investment matters, valued at millions, including the commercialisation of four Government agricultural estates, have been negotiated and secured. 
  3. Major construction contracts with Chinese contractors have been successfully negotiated, which have limited the importation of Chinese labour and have also locked in competitive pricing.
  4. Investment of US$100m in the Tourism Sector has been secured through a Memorandum of Understanding with Sandals Group. 
  5. The creation of 3000 jobs has been secured through the successful negotiation of national investment and infrastructure projects. 
  6. The AG’s Office is now involved in the vetting, negotiation and approval of all investment proposals and draft agreements.
  7. Enhanced capacity in tendering of construction and engineering works projects.
  8. Structured training and workshops have been held with technical staff within the Ministry of Works and Ministry of Finance. These workshops have provided a forum for the Ministry of Works' personnel to air technical issues and to seek clarification on how to deal with these issues as they arise. Attendees are now aware of the disconnect between best practices and the actual realities of the operations of the Ministry of Works. 
  9. Increased cooperation between the Grenada Industrial Develepment Cooperation (GIDC) and the SCC. GIDC has taken the initiative to invite the SCC to attend investor meetings, thus ensuring the presence of the Ministry of Legal Affairs and other relevant stakeholders. This approach by the GIDC is very effective as all government stakeholders present are able to provide an assessment of a particular project almost immediately to the GIDC. 
  10. The SCC now has the ability to provide advice, comparative analysis and prepare draft commercial related legislation in the areas of: Free Trade and Processing Zones, the Citizenship by Investment Programme and Casino Gaming.
  11. Three lawyers are being mentored; all three of whom are at least eight years qualified and can therefore appreciate the nuances of Commercial Law. It is the stated objective of the AG that these lawyers will form the nucleus of the Commercial Law Division, to be established at the AG’s office.    
  12. There has been a positive shift in attitude and behaviour that all legal documentation must either be prepared or approved by the AG’s office. These changes are evident and reflected in Cabinet written conclusions and decisions on investment and commercial arrangements.