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Profound changes are taking place in the global trade landscape, including the technologies and governance frameworks that underpin and support contemporary trade in goods, services and the digital economy. This dynamic environment presents challenges, and also enormous opportunities to expand and deepen trade, investment and innovation among the 53 member countries of our growing Commonwealth family.


Commonwealth countries back rules-based global trade

Commonwealth members in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) agreed that despite their rich diversity, including in levels of development, they are united in recognising the importance of the rules-based multilateral system as a common good

International Trade Centre and Commonwealth Secretariat join forces to boost trade

The International Trade Centre (ITC) and the Commonwealth Secretariat will today sign a new agreement to encourage the establishment and growth of small and medium sized businesses, including those owned by women and young people.

Trade in fisheries

The fisheries trade has grown dramatically in recent years, tripling from around 15 million tonnes in 1991 to more than 45 million tonnes today.