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Commonwealth Secretariat

Image of the Commonwealth logo

The Commonwealth Secretariat implements the decisions and plans of Commonwealth leaders. 

It delivers its work through the following divisions:

  • Political Division
  • Rule of Law Division
  • Youth Affairs Division
  • Human Rights Unit
  • Economic Division
  • Trade and Debt Division
  • Governance and Natural Resources Division
  • Health and Education Unit

Our management

  • Kamalesh Sharma

    Commonwealth Secretary-General

    The Secretary-General is responsible for publicly representing the Commonwealth, promoting it values and managing the Commonwealth Secretariat.

  • Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba
    Commonwealth Deputy Secretary-General

    Deodat Maharaj
    Commonwealth Deputy Secretary-General

What we do

The Commonwealth Secretariat has a strong track record of negotiating collective solutions on sensitive and important political and economic issues.

It delivers policy development, technical assistance and advisory services to Commonwealth member countries, often partnering with other international and Commonwealth organisations to deliver its work.

The Commonwealth Secretariat's work includes: organising meetings for members to discuss global and Commonwealth issues; promoting members’ interests at international forums; offering advice; providing experts who share their skills and experience with governments and institutions.